2015 Thanksgiving Offering

    11.24.15 | by David Mitchell

    Each Thanksgiving, we receive a special offering to bless others out of the blessings we have received. This act of generosity extends our reach beyond our church to support a local ministry here in Orange County and a global ministry partner...
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      Christmas for a Cause | Saturday, November 21

      11.20.15 | by Matt Doan

      Make your dollars count for greater impact by buying gifts from non-profit guest vendors making a difference locally and globally. Plus, a portion of all Corner Bookstore proceeds will go to help clothe Syrian refugee children in need this Christmas.
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        Our Brothers and Sisters in Paris

        11.19.15 | by David Mitchell

        Imagine a new guest at our church next Sunday. He readily identifies himself as a member of ISIS. He has been involved in many of the horrible atrocities we have seen and heard about. He still dresses as if he is one of them in a black robe that...
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