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Spiritual Health Check-In Results

1/28/21 | Weekly Pastor's Email | by Shannon Reese

    Dear Calvary Family,

    Annual physical check-ups are a part of life. We visit a doctor to assess our current reality and identify ways to grow healthier as we mature. A doctor or nurse will weigh us, measure our heart rate and ask about our nutrition and exercise. These different factors help provide a more complete picture of our physical health.

    In a similar way, a regular spiritual health check-in can help us identify our current beliefs, habits and character traits, providing a more complete picture of our current reality. Using the recent Spiritual Health Check-In, over 250 of our Calvary family provided information to help assess the health of our spiritual body. Here are some interesting results:

    We are doing well! Our Calvary body has strong biblical beliefs. We believe God is who He says He is and we depend on His Word to direct our lives. We live out what we believe as we love others and choose joy in the midst of difficult circumstances.

    We also have self-identified three primary areas in which we can grow.

    1. We can grow in our dependence on God as we invite His Spirit, not any created thing, to have control over us. 52% of respondents stated that they struggle with self control in at least one aspect of their life.
    2. We can grow in our willingness and practice of serving others. 51% of respondents stated that serving others regularly was not true of their life at this time.
    3. We can grow in our relational depth with friends and family who don’t yet know Jesus. 45% of respondents stated they have not had a spiritual conversation with anyone in the past year who is not a believer.

    To be clear, these are not areas to feel judged. These are simply the growth areas we have self-identified together. So let’s be in prayer and take steps to pursue greater health in these aspects of our faith!

    To help us grow, we have compiled great resources at CalvaryLife.org/SpiritualHealth for each area addressed in the Spiritual Health Check-In. Use the results emailed to you after completing the assessment to identify suggested resources to guide your personal growth.

    And, if you would still like the chance to complete the Spiritual Health Check-In, you can do that today!

    Take the Spiritual Health Check-In

    May the Lord bless you and keep you,

    Shannon Reese
    Adult + Family Team Pastor