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Thanksgiving Offering to Help Kids in Need

11/22/22 | Weekly Pastor's Email | by Matt Doan


    “O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; For His lovingkindness is everlasting.” - 1 Chronicles‬ 16‬:34‬

    Each November we present a special Thanksgiving offering opportunity to our church family as a way of tangibly expressing our thankful worship for all God has done this year and bless others in Jesus' name. For 2022, our theme is supporting children going through difficult family circumstances as we come alongside two of our awesome ministry partners who care for vulnerable children each day.



    The local portion of our Thanksgiving offering will go to the Orange County chapter of Safe Families for Children.

    Safe Families for Children, founded in 2003, has a mission to surround families facing a crisis with a caring, compassionate community. Safe Families provides volunteer host homes to temporarily (typically 1-40 days) house children who have a parent facing a family crisis such as homelessness, rehabilitation, hospitalization, or domestic violence in an effort to prevent child abuse and/or neglect. The ultimate goal is to reunite hosted children back with their newly stabilized families. Our Thanksgiving offering will help provide funding for host family training and resources for hosted kids (beds, clothes, school supplies).


    Our global portion of this year’s Thanksgiving offering will go to Calvary Missionary, Patricia Sawo’s Discover to Recover Centre (D.T.R.C.) in Kenya.

    The Centre, which is based in Kitale, Kenya (about a seven-hour drive from the capital city of Nairobi), comes alongside children who have been orphaned after family tragedies or who have experienced abuse or neglect. Patricia and her late husband opened the D.T.R.C in 2005 and have had the joy of serving hundreds of children over the past 17 years.The average person living in this area of Northern Kenya makes .50 cents a day, so the need is great! The Centre will use our Thanksgiving offering proceeds to purchase new school clothes for the 60+ kids in the program, as well as save for a new van for transporting kids.

    We want every child (and every family) who interacts with Safe Families for Children here in Orange County and with the Discover to Recover Centre in Northern Kenya to know they are seen, loved and cared for by our gracious God. Your generosity in this season of thankfulness will help this happen!   You can give at Calvary by noting "Thanksgiving" on your check memo line or offering envelope. You can also donate online today at CalvaryLife.org/Thanks.

    It is a joy to watch your generosity in action,

    Matt Doan
    Reach Pastor