Current Sunday Series: God Speaks

Current Sunday Series: God Speaks

God Speaks

Major Messages from Minor Prophets

Let's be honest. There is a section in the Bible that many of us ignore. It's this obscure collection of a dozen books that fall under the category of the "Minor Prophets". They are the prophets of God with unusual names like Haggai, Obadiah, and Habakkuk. They weren't popular then, and they're not so popular now. 
You've heard the phrase, "No prophet is accepted in his hometown." The messages they conveyed back then to the people of God were radical and unsettling words for their age and culture, and were often times dismissed. We believe that the wisdom, warnings, and insights they shared are incredibly relevant for us as we look into the themes like grace, pride, soft hearts, integrity, and hope. We are invited to listen in and pay attention. So, join us each Sunday this summer to see what major messages God is saying to us today through these minor prophets.

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