Living Room Reset with Kirk Cameron

Living Room Reset with Kirk Cameron


September 7, 2019

6:00 pm | Worship Center

$25 per ticket

Kirk Cameron is coming to Calvary on September 7th! Get your tickets now at the Calvary Bookstore for Kirk Cameron's Living Room Reset! 


Whether we, as a family, are going through exciting and happy times, or moments of grief and sadness, the Living Room is where it all happens. So what better place to hold this brand new and exciting tour… and we are doing just that.

Kirk Cameron will be taking his Living Room around the country to hold a marriage and parenting event called Living Room Reset. He will be sharing, from his Living Room right there on stage, some practical and effective ways to have a Living Room Reset, along with some amazing content given by his wife Chelsea, well-known Christian music artists, and even some throwback Growing Pains content.

This will be unlike anything you have ever attended…we can guarantee that. Come to be encouraged, to laugh and to leave loving your spouse and children with new eyes…RESET eyes.

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