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Oak Valley College

Oak Valley College is transforming lives through applied education within a Christian community with no student loans.

In partnership with Calvary Church of Santa Ana, Oak Valley College is now accepting students for Fall 2024.

At Oak Valley, Christian principles and teaching are found throughout the curriculum, in every course, and facilitated by every professor. The goal is for students to apply a Christian worldview to solve complex problems, approach ethical dilemmas, balance priorities, and make important decisions.

By partnering with Calvary Church, Oak Valley is able to reduce the cost students pay to attend while also maximizing its ability to serve and support students. Working with a church partner also enables the College to provide additional support services such as ministry and church engagement opportunities. Calvary Church extends Oak Valley’s reach into the local community as a trusted ministry partner and supporter of community events and activities.

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A Debt-Free Business Degree

Earn a Bachelor of Arts in Business degree from a Christian college that’s local and affordable. Earning your degree is more than earning a credential, it is about maturing and developing your skills, abilities, and gifts to move forward in your personal and professional journey.

At Oak Valley, you explore a wide range of topics to enable you to reach your full potential. Our traditional classroom experience seems familiar but uniquely fresh and distinct. There are three basic categories of coursework:

Grow Better Together

One of the most distinguishing features of campus life at Oak Valley is the collaborative cohort where you build a community with your peers as you work toward shared academic goals. You enter college with a small group of students, taking each course together every semester until graduation. This provides a
 sense of community, strong connections, and a supportive network which can help result in improved engagement as well as a deeper knowledge of the content.

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After 2 years and 8 months, students graduate from Oak Valley College with their education debt-free. Tuition is a fraction of other private {and even public} colleges with affordable tuition that can be paid with a part-time job. All students graduate with NO student loan debt.

For more information and to register, go to today.