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How to Read the Bible with Craig Hill


Series: Calvary Life Podcast: Season 2

Service: Online Content

How do you read the Bible? Isn't it just like any other book? It may seem like a silly question on its surface, but it has far-reaching implications. On today's episode of the Calvary Life Podcast, Eric is joined by pastor, professor, and biblical scholar Craig Hill to explore this very topic! 

Together, Craig and Eric discuss what it takes to read the Bible well, and how anyone can do it. They talk about studying the Bible vs reading it devotionally, the importance of approaching Scripture with humility, and how our culture and location can influence what we read in the biblical text. Craig also gives his recommendations for resources and tips to read the bible well.

If you are interested in any of the resources mentioned in this episode, or if you would like to discover others, check out the Corner Bookstore at Calvary on Sundays before and after the service, throughout the week, and at

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