Reach Updates


    A Response to the Acts of Violence in Paris

    11.17.15 | by Liz Gold

    In response to the acts of violence in Paris, Bieruit, Kenya, and throughout the world, and refugees fleeing Syria and other persecuted areas into Europe – what can we do? We are deeply saddened by the horrific acts of violence that...
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      Calvary Elders in Albania

      10.25.15 | by Liz Gold

      In September 2015, a group of Elders from Calvary went on a short-term missions trip to Albania. While in Albania, they were able to share a five night "Biblical Leadership" conference with The Way of Peace church leaders.  They explored the...
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        Missionaries in Town

        09.28.15 | by Liz Gold

        The following missionaries will be in town at various times over the next year. You will see their contact information next to where they are staying and if you would like to receive more info on meeting with a missionary, contact the Missions...
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