God Speaks: The Minor Prophets

Join us each Sunday for this summer series to see what major messages God is saying to us through the obscure and often overlooked minor prophets. Be sure to come each week as we explore a new book, looking into their themes of grace, pride, soft hearts, integrity, and hope. 

The Blessing
The Blessing

Sundays | April 28-May 26

The act of blessing is deeply rooted in the Biblical narrative and bears a wide range of meaning over our lives. Join us in this series that takes a closer look into a famous Biblical blessing given from God to His people, found in Numbers 6:22-27.

Mark 11-16: The Week That Changed the World
Mark 11-16: The Week That Changed the World

We invite you to begin a new year by taking a fresh look at Jesus and the week that changed the world 2,000 years ago.

Join us each Sunday for this series journeying through the final chapters of the Good News of Mark. We'll explore the climactic events that began with Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem and ended with His trial, death and resurrection.

After all these years, Jesus is still changing lives today. Will you let Him change yours?



Christmas 2018
Christmas 2018

Christmas is often about giving and getting. But what if this Christmas we focused on Giving Up? What if we were able to give up things that were keeping us from experiencing all that God has for us?

Let’s explore scripture together and learn to fix our eyes on Jesus; remembering the night our Savior was born in a humble manger to bring us God’s hope, peace, joy, love and salvation.

Come celebrate this good news of great joy! We invite you to join us this Christmas at Calvary and experience this season for all that it’s truly worth.

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MARK 8-10: Jesus
MARK 8-10: Jesus' Unexpected Way


Join us Sundays this fall to explore the pivotal chapters at the center of Mark’s gospel. They reveal how Jesus’ kingdom will come in an unexpected way. Victory won in suffering. Power earned by serving. Blessing out of struggle. Gaining through giving. Freedom found in following. The impossible made possible. Come discover the life-giving way of Jesus as we join Him on the journey together.

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MARK 1-8: Who is Jesus?
MARK 1-8: Who is Jesus?

Who is Jesus? Perhaps you have never considered that question or you have spent a lifetime getting to know Him. Wherever you are on the journey, we invite you to come and explore who Jesus is and His life-changing invitation to “Come, Follow Me” in our Sunday morning series through the Gospel of Mark.

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