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Wisdom in Marriage

7/7/22 | Weekly Pastor's Email | by Matt Doan

    A few years ago, I had the joy to attend a 50th wedding anniversary party for Calvary members, Blair and Trish Folsom.

    The Folsoms were married in June of 1969 (the “Summer of Love!”), six years before I was born, hahahaha…

    At their 50th wedding anniversary party, I was moved to tears by the testimonies of their 5(!) kids. The Folsom kids were quick to say their parents and marriage weren’t perfect, but each one gave credit to their parent’s marriage for helping point them to Jesus and God’s faithfulness and grace.

    The Folsom’s anniversary party reminded me of an important truth, a godly marriage has the power to demonstrate God’s faithfulness and grace to an onlooking world.

    Because marriage has this power, it is no surprise to see Satan has his sights set on ruining marriages. If the enemy can’t successfully ruin a marriage, then our adversary at least tries to make marriage miserable.

    In our summer Sunday morning sermon series, “The Way of Wisdom,” we are studying the book of Proverbs. Proverbs has a lot to say about marriage, relationships and fidelity. In fact, in the first seven chapters of Proverbs, Solomon spends four different sections talking about marriage faithfulness.

    This Sunday at 9:00 am, we will seek godly wisdom from Proverbs 5:15-23 and be reminded that marriage isn’t designed by God to be miserable but instead to be a valuable blessing! We will also be warned of the danger people face when they step outside of God’s design for marriage. (FYI: Sunday’s message is PG-13, so keep that in mind when considering whether to have your kids in the worship service).

    The ultimate hope with this Sunday’s sermon (and every sermon at Calvary) is that we will end our teaching resting not in shame but on God’s grace. So while the sermon will focus on wisdom for marriage, it is a sermon for all — single, married, widowed, teen, senior citizen, etc.

    Then this Sunday night, we have our second Wisdom Lecture at 6:00 pm in the Chapel, featuring Chris and Alisa Grace (our own Natalie Comstock’s parents!). Chris and Alisa co-lead the Center for Marriage and Relationships at Biola University, where Chris is a social psychologist and full professor, and Alisa is an adjunct faculty member. They also co-teach an undergraduate course on Christian relationships and co-host the popular podcast, The Art of Relationships.

    Chris and Alisa will be speaking on how to connect emotionally and spiritually in marriage. I want to challenge every married couple at Calvary to attend this Sunday night! This is going to be a powerful night to strengthen your marriage relationship.  (Even if you have been married for 53 years). Happy Anniversary Folsoms!

    Matt Doan
    Reach Pastor