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21 Day Worship & Prayer Devotional

"Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!" Psalm 150:6

Two years ago we did a 3-part Sunday series on worship called BREATHE. We are rereleasing the daily devotions that went with that series as we enter a new season this fall. Take a moment each morning to slow your pace and focus on God's Word through 21 days of worship and prayer.

Together we will explore how we are wired by our Creator for worship and how the pattern of our worship can shift our perspective as we fix our eyes on Jesus. Just as your breathing follows a pattern of inhale, hold and exhale—your worship can build a life honoring to the Lord as you follow a pattern of remember, realign and respond.

· Breathe in revelation of who God is and remember in reverence and awe what He's done for you.

· Hold on to the life-giving truth of the gospel each day and allow the the Holy Spirit to realign your heart and mind to become more like Jesus.

· And then, breathe out and respond with a life of worship marked by praise, thanksgiving, obedience and love.

You can follow along with our Worship & Prayer Devotional Guide here on our website  or by connecting on our Church Center App - Get the App Here.