Calvary Church LifeGroups

What is a LifeGroup?

LifeGroups help us to actively engage in the life and purpose of our church: to connect, grow, and reach. LifeGroups are ongoing small group communities that gather together throughout the week to CONNECT in a smaller setting, GROW together in our faith, and REACH out together to our community.

Calvary has over 75 adult LifeGroups meeting at different times and places throughout the week. (There are also LifeGroups within all of our Children and Student Ministries.) Look through the list of groups currently open below.

Questions? Contact our LifeGroups Pastor Robert Carter at  or at 714-550-2332. You can also find out more about LifeGroups by visiting Connection Point in the Lobby on Sundays. 


8:00 AM

Women’s Bible Study · W-North Conference
Join us for discussion and life application as we study together in this community of ladies who pray for and support one another.

Prayer Gathering · W - Prayer Room
Come Sunday morning to pray before the Worship Service for God's presence and leading in our services and ministries. All are welcome.

11:00 AM

Berean Bible Fellowship · N-2 · Adults 50+
We discuss the Word to help us grow in our Christian walk in this fun and caring group of people who love the Lord and each other.

Bridge Adults · N-1 · adults with and without disabilities
An inclusive group who share life, faith and God’s Word in a way that is accessible to various learning styles and communication abilities. 

Disciplemakers · W-209 · adults all ages
We focus on foundational biblical truths that make up the crucial components of developing spiritual maturity and discussion with friends.

Encouragers · Fireside · adults age 50+
We encourage one another in prayer, glorifying God in worship, and studying God’s Word in this fun community of friendship and love.

Focus · Choir Room · adults all ages
Come discover great friendship, fellowship and teaching to develop a more intimate relationship with God.

Homebuilders · G-213 · couples age 60+
This class seeks to grow closer to the Lord and each other through Bible study and fellowship. We love interactive discussion and laughter.

In The Middle · Library · adults age 40+
Connect with others parents of college students and young adults as we share interactive Bible studies, praises and prayers, joys and struggles.

Influencers · S-5 · adults age 50+
We are here to help you connect more intimately with people at Calvary, grow in your relationship with God and reach out to others.

Marital Journey · B-202 · couples married 5+ years (with young kids)
Enjoy a variety of discussion topics including marriage, parenting, and spiritual growth built around prayer and fellowship.

New Life Counselors · S-7 · adults age 70+
For senior adults committed to understanding the Word and growing from studying Scripture in depth.

Parenting through Prayer · N3 · couples age 35+
Our group meets together to encourage each other in prayer, Bible study, and fellowship as we navigate through unique family challenges.

Parents of Teens · A-202 · parents of 6th-12th graders
We’re parents working on our own spiritual journey and exploring how our life stories impact how we parent, so we can better connect with our kids.

Professional Single Women · S-1 · (1st/3rd Sundays)
Single women in professional careers meeting together to share life with one another through encouragement, prayer, and study.

Young Adults · C-202 · adults age 20s-30s
Connect with this encouraging community of singles and couples, ages 22 - 32, who study God's Word and walk through life together.





In addition to LifeGroups, we have short-term series of workshops designed to equip you in particular areas of life. 

11:00 AM

Teaching Pastor Connection · W-Auditorium
Meet up after the service in the auditorium to connect with each week’s Teaching Pastor, take part in an interactive discussion on the sermon and dig deeper into God’s Word together.

The Art of Neighboring · A-205 · Oct 14 - Nov 18
What if Jesus meant that we should love our actual neighbors? Join us for thought-provoking and practical discussions that could transform not only your life but also your community. Discover weekly topics at calvarylife.org/neighboring

In Defense of Christianity · Choir Room · Oct 14 - 28
Have you ever wondered what proof we have for the Gospels? Or how we know Jesus was a real person? Join us for a three-week workshop with John Stewart as we learn about the scientific and historical truths that justify our faith. calvarylife.org/defense

Raising Financially Freed-Up Kids · B-205 · Oct 28 - Nov 18
Learn 7 key principles, plus practical action steps, that you can learn to implement with your kids from preschool up through high school during this free 4-week study. (Materials fee $8) Register today at calvarylife.org/generous

GriefShare · W-Conference North
You don’t have to go through the grieving process alone or unequipped. Connect with others who will walk alongside and provide you with resources for the journey. Find details on both Sunday 11am and Tuesday 7pm sessions at calvarylife.org/grief



LifeGroups for women and moms are formed in September and meet regularly throughout the year. Women can join a LifeGroup at any time although the greatest benefit comes from meeting with the same LifeGroup for the entire year.

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Dig deeper into Sunday’s message by studying scripture.
Couples with children. Led by Brian O’Neill

Discover More About Wedneday Nights Here




A “6 PACK” is composed of 6 men or 6 women with ages covering a span of 6 decades (teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60+) that meet once a month for 6 months. The goal of a 6 PACK is to promote intergenerational relationships that lead to discipleship opportunities. 6 PACKs will meet according to mutual availability by all members in the group.

Sign up by the end of September 2018 and you will receive more information by beginning of October.

Men's 6 Packs  | Women's 6 Packs





Ages 32-42 / Singles + Couples. Led by Dave + Jane Taylor
Adults 45-65 / Singles + Couples. Led by Jim Davis

NEWPORT | 1st + 3rd SUNDAYS | 6:00 PM
Adults 60+ / Singles + Couples. Led by Dave Smith

ORANGE | 1st + 3rd SUNDAYS | 6:30 PM
Multi-generational / Singles + Couples. Led by Brady Kramer
+ David Bowman
ORANGE | 1st + 3rd SUNDAYS | 7:00 PM
Parents of High School-College aged kids. Led by Jeff Goodfriend
SANTA ANA | 1st + 3rd SUNDAYS | 12:30 PM
Adults 50+ / Singles + Couples. Led by Chip Chop
SANTA ANA | 1st + 3rd SUNDAYS | 5:30 PM
Multi-generational / Singles + Couples. Led by Blair Folsom

TUSTIN | 1st + 3rd SUNDAYS | 5:30 PM
Adults 50+ / Singles + Couples. Led by David Mitchell

VILLA PARK | 2nd + 4th TUESDAYS | 7:00 PM
Adults 60+ / Singles + Couples, Led by Stan Vosburg

ANAHEIM | 1st + 3rd SUNDAYS | 5:30 PM
Adults All Ages / Singles + Couples, Led by Joann + Paul Mittman




Thursdays, 7:00 PM | W - Choir Room
Led by Helen Weed

Weekly, times and location vary
Led by Blair Folsom

2nd Monday, 7:00 pm | D-4
Join us for a time of sharing and praying for the unreached places in Asia.

1st Sunday of Each Month, 12:30 pm | N-1
Benefit from a greater vision of the role you have with your grandchildren. Join us on the second Sunday of each month at 12:30 pm in Room N-1. Please bring your own lunch.



Questions? Contact our LifeGroups Pastor Robert Carter at  or at 714-550-2332. You can also find out more about LifeGroups by visiting Connection Point in the Lobby on Sundays.