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Paula Garcia

Paula Garcia

Early Childhoodoffice: 714-550-2336

What do you do at Calvary?

I am privileged to serve on the children's pastoral team. I mostly work with kids in Early Childhood (babies - kindergartners). These years are the most foundational developmental years of a child's life and I work to provide a safe and loving environment that demonstrates the peace and grace of Jesus Christ to them. Modeling and teaching God's growing little ones who He is, is a seed that's essential. 


How did you become a follower of Jesus?

I became a follower of Jesus as an adult in 2007. My marriage was experiencing one of it's hardest trials. I did not know who the Lord was and was blind to my own sin and selfishness. I was seeking comfort from someone other than my husband and became unfaithful to him during our marriage. God used my mother in law who had only been walking with Jesus for three months. She said, "I don't know exactly what is going on but I just want you to know that even with a mustard seed of love the Lord can make it grow." These words I disregarded at first, but they remained seeded in my heart and mind. During this time we only had one child and I truly did not desire for him to experience life with divorced parents as I had. A couple weeks later my husband told me he forgave me and was giving me the option to to stay with him or go. His willingness to forgive me and the words of my mother in law being brought back to the front of my mind gave me courage to stay. In that moment, I recognized I had no control over anything. I surrendered my life to God and dedicated my marriage and child to him. The Lord not only allowed me to experience the joy of the Holy Spirit, but he also renewed my love for my husband, redeemed my marriage, saved my husband, and changed me from the inside out.

Hometown: Tustin

At Calvary Since: 2007

Favorite Bible Verse: Philippians 4:8

Children: Joseph, Lilian, Jonathan

Married to: Ozzy

Married since: 2004