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SIMPLIFY Next Steps: January 10



1. Prioritize your Calendar 
God does the work, but your calendar is the primary tool for helping you become who you want to become. Get out your schedule and start adding things that will help you become that person. 

2. Meditate on Scripture 
Prayerfully read Psalm 90 and journal about how God desires for you to spend your time. 

3. Attend the Master's Program 
Really dig into how to use your life for significance, not just success. There is a free briefing to find out more on Tuesday, January 26 at the Pacific Club from 7:30-9:00 am. Find out more and RSVP at mastersprogram.org


What are the "big rocks" in your life? What should you commit your time to before anything else? Be specific - don't just say God and family. Get into details. 

How would you spend your time if God were in charge of it? What would your schedule look like? 

What do you have to say to "no" to, to be able to say "yes" to the best things?

Discuss: What can cause us to waste time? What tools can help you lead yourself in the area of time?