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SIMPLIFY Next Steps: January 24



1. Place your faith in Jesus as your Savior
Only Jesus can change you from the inside out, forgive you of your sin and bring peace, joy and hope to your soul. Take time today to receive Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of your life. Use the booklet in the chair rack in front of you, called "How to Connect with God" to guide you in prayer. 

2. Join a LifeGroup here at Calvary Church
LifeGroups are designed to be small groups where you can be known and know others. You are designed to live the Christian life alone! 
Learn more about LifeGroups here

3. Pursue Reconciliation in Broken Relationships 
Ask God to reveal to you unhealthy relationships, relationships that need more intentionality to them, and relationships that need restoration. 


What would it look like to bring Jesus into your relationships? List a few relationships in your life by name (family, spouse, kids, coworkers, friends, neighbors). Then write down an idea of how you can introduce Jesus into your relationship with each of these people more frequently. How would introducing Jesus into these relationships more intentionally simplify your relationships with these people?

Discuss: Why do you think God created us to be wired for relationships? How does God's love for you, impact your relationships with others?

Click here for more resources and scripture on how to Simplify Relationships and conflict resolution